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Please read the cookie policy for this website carefully. For other information, please contact us at . website and reserves the right to use device identifiers or cookies when you visit our website or applications that use Visience Studio services.
These are used to identify and differentiate users who access our site. Their role is to monitor the experience of using the site to improve its quality.


Cookies are small files placed on devices that you use to access web pages. Your own cookies come from the settings of the domains visited at that time, and the third cookies come from other domains that represent the services used by the domain visited.
Cookies are unique, but this does not mean that the statistics used to use the site are related to individuals. However, although they do not store personal data such as the name or data entered in the forms by users of the site, they are still differentiated by a unique ID which thus becomes personal data.


Cookies can be used for various purposes, such as the proper functioning of the webpage visited, the collection of relevant information about the user experience on the site or to give users the opportunity to use third-party services, such as social networks.

COOKIES REQUIRED may use the necessary cookies, activated automatically and which are not conditioned by the consent of its users. This category includes cookies that have the ability to maintain the action of connecting to the users’ site and those that have the role of ensuring the proper functioning of the website.

ANALYSIS COOKIES may use analytics cookies to collect information about how users of our website interact with it. This data collected helps us to preserve, analyze and improve various factors that are important to the browsing experience of our site users.
They allow us to monitor the popularity of the pages on our website, the effectiveness of the methods of linking to them and the possible error messages that may be sent to users when they access the web pages. With the help of these cookies, Vision Studio offers its visitors a quality user experience of the site.

SOCIAL MEDIA COOKIES may also use social networking plugins such as Facebook, which place social media cookies that allow the playback of content and the use of third-party services provided by them.
They can also be used to give our users the opportunity to appreciate or share their favorite pages, services, and products through their favorite social service.


Various cookies can also be used by to achieve the advertising purposes that underlie the online industry at this time. Personalizing online advertising is a form of funding for any company that offers services and products, as this process helps to identify relevant audience categories for the range of products and services available to customers.
This process can be accomplished by selecting specific categories of visitors to display various ads, or by other means, depending on the purpose for which it is achieved. No personal data is processed in this way, but the profile of visitors thus created is based on the data collected using such advertising profiling cookies.

WHAT COOKIES DO WE USE? uses both its own and third-party cookies to provide you with a quality browsing experience and to provide you with services tailored to your interests and needs as visitors to your site. our web page.
The cookies used by our site are intended to ensure its proper functioning and to collect important statistical data regarding the traffic of the site.



As a visitor to, you may withdraw your consent to the cookies used by our site at any time. This can be done both through the settings of the web browser used and through the use of software services provided by third parties.

You can delete cookies stored on the devices you use to access our website by configuring your browser to stop displaying these files. You can also use browser-specific settings to set your cookie preferences.

For more information on how to use these settings for each browser, you can access the following useful links:

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If you no longer wish to be considered a Google Analytics visitor profile, please access this unsubscribe link:

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You may opt out of these services without affecting the way you visit our site.

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