Complete Branding

Elevate your Marketing Strategy with Visience Branding Services that will resonate with your target audience

What is Branding?

In short, it's more than pretty packaging, be it on a physical or virtual product. A Complete Brand contains:
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Development Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Logo Design

The brand helps a strong idea, not the other way around!

Nike, Apple, Gucci, Coca-Cola, all these brands with the highest customer loyalty, can be instantly recognized.

Why do you need a Visual Identity?

  • 92% of the global population has visual memory
  • 94% of consumers said they would recommend brands that have an emotional connection to them
  • 80% of consumers shop for brand name alone. Good brands can themselves become product names for buyers
  • Types of Branding

    Social Media Brand ​

    It is very important that the style and message of any post is consistent and corresponds to the Brand.
    By partnering with Visience, a digital branding agency, you get access to design and marketing experts without compromising brand integrity.
    We make sure your company image takes advantage of new social media trends and styles to help you strengthen your brand globally.

    Website Branding

    Every part of the website must be consistent with the personality of the Brand. From the style of the images, the message of the texts, to the structure of the site. Create a website that generates customers, and turns them into loyal customers. Using our expert web design and development, copywriters and marketing strategists, you will receive a unique, cross-platform compatible website that appeals to your target customer. br Want to promote a new product, launch a service or target a new audience? We can help you achieve this, we are just a click away.

    Product Brand

    But without a strong brand behind your product, there is little to make a buyer choose it over another option.

    With so many comparable options in most industries today, branding is more important than ever.

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